Quality Policy

The TOLDISOL Management wishes to gain leadership and be a preference within the Design, manufacturing and assembly sector of a system for solar protection and textile architecture.


This is why the TOLDISOL Management is aware of the importance of design and manufacture in quality solar protection and textile architecture, always complying with our customer’s expectations and respecting the Environment. This management believes that the tool that allows us to follow this direction is the Quality and Environmental Management System we have implemented.


TOLDISOL wishes to position itself on the solar protection and textile architecture market, complementing its design and manufacturing range with a top quality maintenance and repair service for this type of structures with a highly qualified professional team and high quality standards, thus enabling us to cater for our customer’s potential requirements.


TOLDISOL wishes to follow the ongoing improvement process to which end it is vital to clearly identify our customers’ requirements, to cut non-quality costs, correctly manage human and material resources and waste, identifying, evaluating and complying with all the legal and regulatory requirements applicable to the product and the commitment to safeguard against contamination in all our activity’s processes.


With this in mind, TOLDISOL undertakes to meet the requirements of the customer, the regulations, those subscribed to by the organization and those requirements applicable to us.


In order for our organisation to follow the path of Ongoing Improvement, the TOLDISOL management defines this Policy as the reference framework to establish and review Quality and Environmental aims.


It is the goal of the management for this Quality and Environmental Policy to be understood and communicated to all the staff of the Organisation and anyone who wishes to know it which is why we put it at the disposal of the public at our premises.


In order for this Quality and Environmental Policy to remain up-to-date and appropriate for the organisation, the management reviews it every year.

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